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The Faculty of the Conservatory is comprised of classically trained, performing musicians who possess a wide range of talents and teaching styles, and who are dedicated to providing their students with a varied, unique, and ultimately rewarding learning environment. Our distinguished faculty members hold advanced degrees from the world’s top conservatories and universities. Many also maintain active and prestigious performing careers. All are dedicated to bringing music into the lives of those in their community—from the beginning student just starting out to the advanced student contemplating a career in music. Our student body and staff is drawn from throughout the DC metropolitan area, the United States, and from numerous foreign countries, and is a reflection of the vibrant cultural diversity that is the fabric and essence of this country.

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Isabel Benemelis (Director) - Piano

Jimena Veizaga (Assistant Director) - Piano, Vocal

Juan Carlos Perez - Piano

Steven Natrella - Violin, Viola

Nazir Becerra - Guitar

Justin Piteleski - Guitar

Leo Alvarez - Latin Percussion, Drums

Victor Dubenco - Clarinet, Saxaphone, Flute, Trombone, Trumpet


Nazir Becerra

Nazir Becerra (Guitar)
Nazir's repertoire includes classical, popular, and latin american music. He has taught classical and electric guitar at the Music Conservatory 'Milan' and at the Anglo-American School in Bolivia.

He has toured across South America with the different bands and has recorded several albums in Bolivia.

He studied at the music school "ManCesped" and at the Music Conservatory "Milan" in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music.


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